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ItemView PageDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
PD-5VHAtlas PD-5VH DriverStocked5.0$179.99$163.00
PD-60AAtlas PD-60A DriverStocked7.1$215.99$179.00
DRVR-ADAPTLeslie Driver AdapterStocked1.1$32.00$32.00
V21-DIATWG Jensen V-21 Diaphragm Replacement KitStocked0.9$60.00$60.00
V21-GSKTTWG Jensen V-21 Diaphragm Gasket KitStocked0.2$4.00$4.00
BEARINGHorn Rotor BearingBack Ordered0.9$74.00$74.00
SPINDLEHorn Rotor SpindleBack Ordered0.9$64.00$64.00
SPINBEARSpindle and Horn Rotor Bearing SetBack Ordered1.8$128.00$105.00
SPACERDriver Spacer RingStocked0.5$6.00$4.00
SP-WSHR-BLeslie Spindle WasherStocked0.1$2.65$2.65
SP-WSHR-MMetal Washer for SpindleStocked0.1$3.00$2.50
SP-WSHR-RRubber Washer for SpindleStocked0.1$2.50$2.50
SPNDL-GMTSpindle Plate Grommets - SetStocked0.1$4.50$4.50
DELTA-15BEminence Delta 15B 15 inch 16 ohm Bass SpeakerStocked20.0$130.00$100.00
WBR-SPKRWeber 15A200 Bass SpeakerStocked16.0$226.00$209.00
DELTA-12BEminence Delta 12B 12 inch 16 ohm Bass SpeakerSpecial Order13.0$130.00$90.00
XOVRReplacement 122/147/251 Leslie CrossoverStocked2.8$140.00$140.00
HS-XOVRHammond Suzuki OEM Leslie CrossoverStocked0.9$110.00$90.00
31H-DIVNETReplacement 31H Leslie CrossoverStocked2.8$150.00$150.00
JBL-D140F1967 JBL D-140F Bass SpeakerBack Ordered9.0$225.00$225.00
JEN-P12N-161960 Jensen P12N 16 ohm speakerStocked9.0$125.00$125.00

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