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Category Menu: Trek II

Number of Items found: 58

ItemView PageDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
TS-2Trek II Tremolo SwitchStocked1.2$109.00$109.00
VIB-3VIB-3 Rotary Cabinet Simulator InterfaceStocked0.8$109.00$109.00
OBX-0Trek II Outlet Box, BlankSpecial Order2.5$70.00$70.00
OBX-2Trek II Outlet Box, Wired (2 Conductor AC Plug)Special Order2.5$165.00$165.00
OBX-3Trek II Outlet Box, Wired (3 Conductor AC Plug)Special Order2.5$165.00$165.00
OBX-MTGTrek II OBX Mounting KitSpecial Order1.0$19.00$19.00
RSP-0Trek II Blank PlateStocked0.2$23.00$23.00
RSP-1Trek II Start/Run PlateStocked0.1$27.50$27.50
RSP-MTGTrek II Plate ScrewsStocked0.1$5.00$5.00
SSP-1CTrek II Early Model PreampSpecial Order1.6$279.00$279.00
SSP-3ATrek II SSP-3A PreampSpecial Order8.0$779.00$779.00
SSP-3AVTrek II Preamp for BV/CV and Earlier OrgansSpecial Order8.0$779.00$779.00
SSP-3AXTrek II W/Aux Option (I/O Box Included)Special Order0.0$899.00$899.00
ELB-3ATrek II Effects Loop BoxSpecial Order0.9$98.00$98.00
BTC-1ATrek II Gain, Tone and Percussion Level ControlsSpecial Order1.0$79.00$79.00
BTC-2ATrek II Gain, Tone and Percussion Level ControlsSpecial Order1.0$259.00$259.00
LP-50Trek II Leslie Pulley, 50 HZ SetStocked0.4$41.50$41.50
LPL-60Trek II Leslie 122/147 Lower Rotor Pulley 60 HzStocked0.3$22.00$22.00
LPU-60Trek II Leslie Pulley, 60 HZ UpperStocked0.2$22.00$22.00
RV-1DTrek II Reverbation UnitStocked4.2$415.00$415.00
SB-2500BTrek II String Bass UnitSpecial Order4.2$515.00$515.00
XRT-1Trek II Power TransformerSpecial Order0.0$332.00$332.00
ECH-1Trek II Replacement Choke PairSpecial Order0.8$70.00$70.00
HRT-1Trek II Power TransformerSpecial Order0.0$448.00$448.00
MRT-1Trek II Replacement Power TransformerSpecial Order3.7$135.00$135.00
SC-60D-1Trek II Frequency ConverterSpecial Order4.2$415.00$415.00
SC-60D-2Trek II Frequency ConverterStocked4.2$479.00$479.00
LP-60STrek II Leslie Pulley, 60 Hz SetStocked0.4$44.00$44.00

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