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Tonewheel General Hospital

A Word from Doctor Drawbar on the Corona Virus Pandemic

We are now 31 days into the Corona Virus National Emergency. It appears the curve is topping out and we are about to enter the down hill part of the slope. YAY! Can things go back to normal yet? I guess not yet, but hopefully it won't be much longer.

A small change to the shipping schedule, otherwise, we remain open some of the time and are getting post office orders out every day. FedEx orders are going out on Monday and Thursday. Shipping cutoff time is now 10:30 AM.

It has been brought to my attention that USPS, UPS and FedEx have advisories regarding mail/package delivery within the United States and to foreign lands. Package delivery guarantees have been suspended (as in, they will not refund the shipping cost for a late package). There is also a list of foreign destinations that packages can not be shipped to. Please see their respective web sites for the fine print.

USPS export shipments seem to be leaving the USA in the normal time frame, but the receiving countries are holding the shipments and not updating the USPS package tracking system. Delays of up to three weeks have been reported from several export destinations.

My continuing prescription for all our customers world wide: keep your head down and be excellent to one another.

I hope to see you all on the other side of this thing. Farewell, and never give up, never surender!

Rick Prevallet
Doctor Drawbar

HOURS of OPERATION: Tonewheel will not be having ANY standard office hours. If you need to contact us for questions it would be best to send an email to If you need to call be advised that phone calls may not be returned during normal daytime business hours.

SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Shipping cutoff will be changed to a time that allows minimal opportunity for human-to-human interaction. Shipments may be delayed one or more days. If you need something shipped immediately or with a fixed delivery date you may want to consult with a different vendor. Supply chain disruptions are occurring as many of our suppliers are closed due to the National Emergency. At this time we have most of the normally in stock products. Given that domestic travel restrictions are in place, we can not represent that a package will arrive on time after we ship it.

INTAKE and VISITOR POLICY: There will be no person-to-person interactions at the Hospital. Parts sent to us for repair will be accepted as normal, though there will probably be longer delays in receiving your item back.