Tonewheel General Hospital
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Tonewheel General Hospital

A Word from Doctor Drawbar on the Shipping Effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic

ALERT! USPS is facing a huge challenge right now with package delivery. Numerous reports have been received regarding delays of a week or more at package distribution centers. If your package needs to arrive in a timely manner I recommend shipping via FedEx. We are not responsible for delays in the package distribution system.

A small change to the shipping schedule: Shipping cutoff time is now 10:00 AM. USPS and FedEx packages are going out daily Monday through Friday.

It has been brought to my attention that USPS, UPS and FedEx have advisories regarding mail/package delivery within the United States and to foreign lands. Package delivery guarantees have been suspended (as in, they will not refund the shipping cost for a late package). There is also a list of foreign destinations that packages can not be shipped to. Please see their respective web sites for the fine print.

Some USPS export shipments have seen delays of several weeks due to issues at the Chicago International Sorting Facility. This is unacceptable and frustrating for all concerned. For timely arrival I recommend sending export shipments via FedEx International service. Please contact us for a quote.

My continuing prescription for all our customers world wide: Endeavor to persevere.

Rick Prevallet
Doctor Drawbar

HOURS of OPERATION: Generally 9:00 AM to 5:00 Central Standard Time (-6 GMT) Monday through Friday, with some exceptions given the holiday season and the 'rona effects.

SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Shipping cutoff time is 10:00 AM Monday through Friday.

INTAKE and VISITOR POLICY: There will be no person-to-person interactions at the Hospital. Parts sent to us for repair will be accepted as normal.